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Mental Health

I am a man

What use are these tears
What good did they do me?
Did they ever put a stop
To that old school bully
Or breathe fresh life
Into the corpse of my dog
Did those tears overflowing
Ever make the pain stop?

What use are these tears
My body they wracked
What weight did they ease
Piled on my back?
What pain relief
Was gifted to me
When blood brothers sneered
To see me so weak

What use are these tears
Since I...[Read On]
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Peter Jones Department Store

An early 'faux tessellation' shot showing the power of strong geometric repetition.
First published in Amateur Photographer
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...and collaborations

Find out all about Project 269 (photographs of the London Underground stations) here...

Look at other projects I've been involved in and see my major published works (and EP).
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Rescue Dog

Sometimes you need a magic wardrobe, a flying carpet or a secret garden. A means to step out of this immediate, ugly, threatening world into some other place. A place where evils banished stay banished, rather than suffering a resurrection every time the sun returns to the sky and draws you back to their clutches from the comfort of sleep. Mark had read more than enough to understand this, but although he could easily let his mind fall into the pages of any book, his body was altogether unco-operative...[Read On]


a whole bunch of idle thoughts...

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Mirror-Tessellation Photography by example

Mirror-Tessellation Photography by example

Monday 13th October 2014 6:54pm

Mirrored photography (if you google it) refers to any image where a reflection is involved - either actual or imposed. In a small subset of these you will see examples where an image has been duplicated and the copy flipped on the horizontal or vertical to line-up with the original and so created a faux reflection.The joy of mirrored photography lies in...[Read On]
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Cockahoop animations at their finest! Animating Plaything


Weird Scenes EP

States of Matter-imony Mortician (I can't believe it's not) Punk Rock You're The Very Definition Plaything Strange Girl I Will Do Things

The first EP from The GameCat recorded at live venues and studios around London through 2010 and 2011.
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