Ant Smith



If water be the essence of life
Then tears will be my freedom
If granite be the Rock of ages
Then soil will be my fiefdom
If winds whisper ancient secrets
Then last gasps will be my reason
If fire consumes all in its path
Then this will be my final season
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The Bull Ring

This is a shot from Project 69 (two tales of a city) which I'll be shooting through to 2020.
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to specific projects and free downloads. Find out all about Project 269 and The Small Penis Bible here...
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Rescue Dog

"Sometimes you need a magic wardrobe, a flying carpet or a secret garden. A means to step out of this immediate, ugly, threatening world into some other place. A place where evils banished stay banished, rather than suffering a resurrection every time the sun returns to the sky and draws you back to their clutches from the comfort of sleep. Mark had read more than enough to understand this, but although he could easily let his mind fall into the pages of any book, his body was altogether unco-operative in this matter. Sleep was a help when it came, but always he'd awake to the same dismal nightmare he was encouraged to call home..."



a whole bunch of idle thoughts...

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One of my photography articles describing a technique I showcased in Amateur Photographer.
There's a range of articles on photography and writing.

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My favourite animation from Cockahoop.



to my audio collections including the 2015 EP - Weird Scenes
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