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2022 Calendar


A cheery calendar this year!

All the images in it can be seen in the gallery below. I've tried hard to source a quality, but cheap, on demand print service so you can buy the calendar at just under £10(+p&p), just click the title above to visit my Etsy shop.

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Nothing Says I Love You

Nothing says I love you

Like reduced to clear flowers

I'll buy for you the end of days

Of minutes and of hours

Life is unsustainable

It blooms and then decays

I will burn so brightly

When you set my heart ablaze

Nothing says I love you

Like I love you says I do

You are my blessed entropy

My end belongs to you

Nothing says I love you

Like that lethal injection

I will say just close your eyes

And think of en-ger-land

Forever is unattainable

It stays a day away

But I will hear your echo in

Every breath I take

Nothing says I love you

Like I love you says I do

You are my blessed entropy

My end belongs to you

Nothing says I love you

Like a failed broken heart

Our best case scenario

Is that one day we will part

Farewells are unavoidable

They're seeded in the start

But I'm ready for my body to

Carry one more scar

Nothing says I love you

Like I love you says I do

You are my blessed entropy

My end belongs to you

You are my blessed entropy

My end belongs to you

Nothing says I love you

Like I love you says I do

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The Ugthorpe Garden

Dandelion in Black & White

It's unusual to photograph flora in monochrome these days, I mean the whole point of flowers is their colours! Except it isn't. Form, pattern and texture all add to their allure (as does smell of course, but I'm not as yet suitably enlightened to work out how that impacts the shot...). I hadn't planned to make this in black and white, but my workflow process…
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I Will Never Let You Go

It is certainly true that she had been chattier before the exchange but that seemed a small price to pay. The brochure had been quite clear on this point, under the small bold serif heading "what differences to expect". He had studied the brochure at length before making the decision, although they had not really talked it through.

'Well, we won't be talking it through now, haha' he thought to himself.

He did kind of miss saying "your tongue's a flapping, woman" in that naughty mischievous way that would bring a momentary gasp and look of feigned shock to her face, before melting into a giggle rising to a gentle reprimand. Thinking about this he felt a pang of wistfulness, but it soon passed as he reminded himself that there were aftercare services he could call upon. Once he had made at least three payments on time. It was a fine arrangement that could really only get better.

He looked over to her in the bed, a shaft of morning sunlight glistening on her head. He'd never seen himself in the role of carer, and for a while there it had been quite tough. some things in life you had to do alone. Some experiences are so unique and extreme that you find those around you do not have the first concept of what it means to be, so immersed.

Death, the loss of a parent, divorce and such things - you find the world and his dog has an opinion. An opinion that can even sometimes help. Hell, with those things even day time…
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What kind of photographer do you want to be?

If you ever tell people you are a photographer you will inevitably be met with the question 'what kind? Fashion, glamour, street..?' - as if you can be only one of these things. I always found the question to be difficult, because I never really specialised and my answer (“uhm, bit of this, bit of that”) seemed weak. The question seemed to diminish me. As I suppose, any kind of categorisation or labelling always diminishes people.

But then, photography is so very broad, that it is quite impossible to declare yourself a photographer of all things; one lifetime is simply not enough to acquire all of the specialist skills, techniques and tools to master every possible expression of the photographic pursuit. So it is important to understand what kind of photographer you are (or want to be); if you are to concentrate your efforts.

There are many hundreds of different 'types' of photography that arise from five fundamental concerns:

  • Depiction (falsity vs objective vs subjective truth)

  • Purpose (commerce versus 'art')

  • Subject (eg. People, Places, Events...)

  • Technique (eg. Noir, High-Key, Multiple-Exposure...)

  • Equipment (eg. Macro, Lomo, Analogue...)

These five concerns define a photographer's identity. Or identities. We are, after all, fluid creatures – most especially with regards to identity. You may well be many types of photographer, just depending on what's going on in your life at a given moment.…
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On Love

and a whole further bunch of idle thoughts...

You will love me



Cockahoop animations at their finest! Animating Plaything

NSFW Weird Scenes EP

This collection contains mature content for adult minds

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