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The Disappeared

Every few weeks repeats the same shock
Pensioners dead behind doors that were locked
Only discovered when direct debits dried up
The world prefers numbers over lives that are lost
Will any amongst us tally this cost?

If only we noticed the lives that we share
At the moment we notice those lives are not there
If only instead of those internet threads
We took the promise of love to our loved ones instead
Perhaps loneliness then could claim fewer dead?

Don't miss me tomorrow for that is too late
This locked chamber I'm in, is already my grave

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Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Crystal Grotto Profile Detail

I took this photograph specifically to play with 'fault-lines' as readilly apparent in the structure of the (presumably) quartz construction material. Cutting perpendicularly through those natural (horizontal) fault-lines the sculpture fractures the light pasing through it to deliver a bold light versus dark contrast. In the result I see a suggestion of two faces - one skull-like, the other quite baby-ish; albeit somewhat of a grotesque.
image illustrating Crystal Grotto Profile Detail


Uncle Fester's Fidgety Fingers

Uncle Fester spent his days sitting at the beaten up drop leave table in the corner of our kitchen constantly a tip tap tapping his fingers in a rhythm alien to the sensibilities of those around him. At first it had been menacing. Then maudlin. And finally maddening. The pastor who lived at number six stopped stopping by for his harvest festival donation demands and his inglorious attempts to save Ma's soul (ever since dad had walked over those furnace hot plates and burned his feet right off the pastor had taken an increased interest in Ma's soul). None of us missed the pastor very much, least of all Ma's ample soul. Less happily the constant drumming had driven Mitch, Lizzie's handsome young suitor, to self harming such that his face and arms looked somewhat akin to a bloodied scarecrow. The house was often filled with the horrified shrieks of the young 'uns, should they chance upon him blundering out of the lavvy or weeping in a corner. Uncle Fester had a profound effect on the house, and the village, when...[Read On]


On Mortality

and a whole further bunch of idle thoughts...

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Cockahoop animations at their finest! Animating Plaything


Weird Scenes EP

States of Matter-imony Mortician (I can't believe it's not) Punk Rock You're The Very Definition Plaything Strange Girl I Will Do Things

The first EP from The GameCat recorded at live venues and studios around London through 2010 and 2011.
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