Ant Smith


004 Craft Work: [The Descent of Man] - Pop Cat

Monday 8th May 2017 11:27pm

4 kitten stencilimages
Make a stencil and use it in your work

MATERIALS: A digital photo of a kitten, Cardboard, Craft Knife, Spray mount glue, Spray paint

METHOD: Convert the image to 2-tone. In PhotoShop the Image->Adjustments->Posterise feature can be used, you may want to adjust the curves first to control exactly which parts turn white and which turn black. You can initially posterise to several (say 10) levels then use curves adjustment before finally posterising down to 2 levels to give more control over how the image converts. Print the image onto card. You will either then cut-out the white or the black sections (depending on the image) - when posterising look out for 'islands'. E.g. in this image I cut away the black areas to form the stencil so you will see I've ensured that the white crescent highlights in the eyes join onto the main area of white in the face, so that all the white areas are joined up. Before spraying use temporary spray mount to hold the stencil in place, or else the spray paint will lift the cut edges and bleed.

NARRATIVE: You may think of us as your beloved pets but we are watching you, always watching you, and if you don't move we will, we most certainly will