Ant Smith


The 2020 Calendar Collection

For this year's calendar I decided to use only images I had completed since last preparing the annual calendar - so pretty much shot 2019/2020. My inital review threw up around 30 candidates; there we're a lot of Black & White images (still my most favoured treatment, I suppose after many years of darkroom working) so I decided that this year the calendar would be soley Black & White. Stylish, huh?

You can see all the images here (but you should still buy the calendar!):

Looking through the selection I noticed there was a hint of the grim, or the gruesome, about some of them: The line of blinded soldiers; The infant memorial; The scarecrow (not at all creepy); The giant decapitated animal heads sitting on poles in judgement of us; and The mortuary for lost soles.

For a moment I wondered if I was doing the right thing, would these images potentially be upsetting? Would anyone want them hanging in their homes? But then I thought, well, these are my images, this is my work - and surely that's what anyone who buys this calendar wants from me; a true reflection of what I see, of how I see? I hope I have made the right call and if the images are not enjoyable they are at least thought provoking. I hope that they tell you stories, perhaps creepy stories, throughout 2021 and that we meet again this time next year.

You can buy the calendar by following this link:

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It is my hope this year, now that I am retired, that sales will go through the roof; if you've ever enjoyed my photography this is exactly how you can support me; knowing through the year that my work is creeping people out will in the very least help me grim and bear it.

Thank you for stopping by to take a look. And thank you for the very first sale that already I anticipate; you know who you are!