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My Website Framework - Part 2: Site Config, Structure and Look

The previous article covered a lot of ground in describing how to manage content for the different types of sections that a site based on this framework can have, but did so based on the example of my own website. Here I will explain how the framework can be configured to the needs of different sites.

    We need to cover:

  • Site identity

  • Site Structure

  • Site Look

Site Identity

Clearly the framework puts a big title at the top of every page and you will want your website to have a different title to mine! But there are other aspects to the 'identity' of the website that you will want to change. Some (like the title) are visible and obvious, other aspects are behind the scenes and help your site to have a unique identity in the eyes of the various cyberbots that we live with these days.

Obviously the 'domain URL' (in my case has a big impact on your site's identity - but that is a matter between yourself and the internet directories (e.g. your domain registration provider). The framework has no influence over this!

    There are 18 identity characteristics that the framework requires:

    • About you and the site

    • Site Name: the big title you see atop every page

    • Informal Name: this is used where we need to 'self-refer' (e.g. in the page footer when inviting folk to contact)

    • Formal Name:: this is used in metadata for Author and Copyright assertion

    • Site e-mail: so that contacts from the site can be sent to you

    • Site Protocol: will be http or https depending on your server set-up

    • Site Address: your base URL, eg.

    • Define the site colours

    • Foreground: The default colour for text

    • Background: The default background colour

    • Link Hover: The standard colour for links when hovered

    • To enable donations:

    • Donate Name: Display name of a PayPal account

    • Donate Account: A PayPal account Id

    • Donate Id: A PayPal Merchant Id, find yours HERE

    • Donate Link: This is the 'Shareable URL' PayPal provides after you CREATE A BUTTON