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Werbeniuk is just one of several stage ensembles that Michael Baines has been responsible for - but they are the pop ensemble that I have witnessed the most, thus why I have named the gallery so. You will also see photos of Burnt Dennis & The Injunctions. And you will not see any photos of Spit the Pips, as photography had not been invented back then. Nor will you see any of Woolcraft, due to their (his? hers?, nobody really knows) impressive shyness. And there was Retardot...

But there are a goodly number of images here that you can see, if you want to.

Michael Baines performing with his father Tom in 2014

Michael performing with his father (Tom) at his parent's wedding anniversay in 2014.

About This Collection

Art Works

A selection of mostly album cover art works that I have somehow worked on or contributed to.

Burnt Dennis & The Injunctions

So this album aren't photographs of Werbeniuk, but I didn't have anywhere else to put them!

London 2012

A London gig Chris and I helped to arrange with the ridiculous Rrrants crew. I enjoyed the gig although the promoter did a very poor job. Very poor indeed.

About The Images


Chris and I spent an evening at a Werbeniuk gig whilst covering Manchester in our City Project. I think this was an exchange gig with Monkey's In Love who played with Werbeniuk at the 2016 CD Launch in Sound It Out records.