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Dennis, Just Dennis

Yeah, so if you're after looking for a legend, you can stop your looking now.

You'll find him in iMDb with his work Sunday, Sunday (2017).

You'll find him on Spotify, featuring with The Duel on their track War, Pt. 1

But I found him in the back room of a brixton pub (it was The Half Moon in fact) - it must have been late as he was certainly oiled well that night. Probably slightly later than it should have been before I'd already left - so I only caught his first piece; White Punks on Zimmerframes

It was probably around this time that I had penned my own I Can't Believe It's Not Punk Rock, so it immediately seemed like I had a lot in common with this

braggard of a bloke of a certain age

with his cleverest of words and his wild drinking ways

He's a sublimely brilliant performer of his poetry. No dreaded "Poet's Voice" droning on and on - Dennis can lift a packed room and drive them to a galloping euphoria; whilst also being able to captivate in the quiet, small, intimate moments.

Over the years I've seen Dennis organising and hosting

  • The Queen's Speech - at Brixton's old Queen's Head pub; I mean 'old' as in 'before they turned it into a gastro-pub' To be honest, of all the gentrification I saw in Brixton, the transformation of The Queen's Head came as kind of a relief. For we should all surely have died one night if things had continued the way they were...

  • The Railway Tavern - a Sunday night gig (I think co-hosted with Gabby) in a place so hard to get to I would only go on a bank holiday weekend to avoid inevitably calling in sick to work the next day.

  • Vinyl Verses - THE most intimate gig I think I have played. The under-record-shop-basement comfortably seated about 6 people; but that was in the days before the (apocolypse?) pandemic. I hope they are surviving.

I was also honoured (yes actually) that he used one of my tracings of him as an illustration in a collection of his works - I'm hoping he'll see this page and send me a link as to where you can buy his book, because I can assure you it's worth a buy.

For me, home has always been more a matter of strong positive personal connections than one of geography. Throughout my time in London, Dennis was one of those who made me feel at home.

Search him out.

Listen to him.

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The Queen's Speech

The first regular open mic ran by Dennis that I went along to.

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Dennis, Just Dennis