Ant Smith
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Walking through an orgy of fallen leaves
I splinter their bodies beneath my feet
If they were people I would spin and dance
And pause to hear them scream in resonance

Autumn drizzle dribbles down my long face
Wiping the dust of a long life away
If they were the tears that I'd long misplaced
I could drown all the folk I have come to hate

Biting blue wind has scored these ancient lines
On the parchment of my leathery skin
If these were the words I had left unsaid
You could read your death writ upon my chest

The freezing of my flesh in cold sunshine
Makes me meter out the pace of cold time
If this light were the souls of cold dead friends
I'd find it very dark towards the end

Autumn moves me with its gold decay
Autumn shows me I can fade with grace
Autumn draws me to this aged place
Where lies my warming open grave

As autumn's awful season finally wanes,
I wonder whether winter will cure my pains