Ant Smith
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What is the good, of your damn books
What good is honour, next to lies – damn lies
What good is valour, in modern life
What good is courage, when bottles suffice
Heroic acts lay waste to lives
And what good is love, in good times.

Try to grow old, disgracefully
Heroin and bingo, will do for me
Fight the good fight, don’t make me laugh
Honesty is taking, a much needed bath
Bravery is facing up to your crimes
I smell like a dog on heat, sometimes
And history is now, more or less

What good is the bloody, internet
Avatars are broken promises
What is the good, of your damn books
Knowledge is just, another debt
Can’t face up, to life’s mess
Got to say it, in a text
What’s done is done is done, but yet
The less words spoken
The more things said