Ant Smith


Diamond Geezer and China Girl

Diamond geezer can't pay no rent

Diamond geezer's money's spent

Diamond geezer's heart of gold

Leaves him homeless in the cold

Diamond geezer shares his dole

Diamond geezer shares his blow

Diamond geezer loves one and all

Except himself, so I've been told

Diamond geezer stands so tall

Diamond geezer stands alone

Diamond geezer understands

The cost of living as a man

China girl sits by the bar

China girl has travelled far

China girl is tapping her feet

To a complex double beat

China girl floats round the world

China girl is in a whirl

China girl will give it a go

When you ask she won't say no

China girl oft goes unheard

China girl speaks quiet words

China girl she understands

The pain of loving a pained man

Diamond geezer hard as rock

Deep inside is kinda soft

China girl a fragile pot

Deep inside is kinda tough

Diamond cuts and china cracks

And broken pieces won't fit back

But diamond geezer and china girl

Leave beautiful splinters in this world

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