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Mortality Poetry

Do Not Resuscitate

I've been shedding my skin
Like a flower sheds it's petals
I've been grinding my teeth
Like a smith forges metals
I've been biting my nails
Like bullets bite flesh
I've been scratching and scratching
And scratching my head

I've been spunking up butterflies
And sneezing out lies
I've been shitting on rainbows
And crying for good times
I've been retching up faeries
And sweating out magic
I've been sick as a dog
And acting too dramatic

I've been twitching like I've seen
The old and the dying
I've been snatching for breath
In the boldness of lying
I've been thinking about
Both love and of hate
There have been times when
I've made mistakes

I've been wishing for wishes
And dreaming of dreams
I've been asking myself
What does all of this mean?
I've been kicking my heels
And painting grass green
I've been in the shadow
In the middle of my scene

I've been to the top of the world
And the bottom of my heart
S do not resuscitate
I can't take a restart

Mortality Poetry