Ant Smith

This Life

I want to...

I want to stun you because you're a stunner

Flaunting your flesh in the heat wave of summer

The sweat on your dress it faintly impresses

The smell of your meds too deep in my senses

I want to numb you because you're a number

One of a million mingling commuters

Commutative functions fleeing this city

Your order is pointless when life is so shitty

I want to blind you because you're a blinder

An excellent breed of bastard beguilers

Umbrellas and erections crowding the streets

All of your humors spilling out in the grief

I want to ban you because you're a banner

Flaunting your sound bites in a hideous manner

Living ain't easy with all these beginners

When I have sinned more than, they've had hot dinners

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This Life