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Penis Poetry

Just Like You

Just like a cardiac arrest
You cause me heart to skip a beat (aaah)
Just like a piece of rotting flesh
I feel you stuck between my teeth
Just like a necrotising bug
You crawl about beneath my skin
Just like a fleck of faecal shit
You stick upon the porcelain

I piss you off, when I take aim
And if I could, I'd pull your chain
And flush you
Flush you, flush you, flush you
Flush you down the drain.

Just like the memory of a miscarriage
Your birthday, well it just, stinks of piss
Just like a morning wank at work
You're just a pleasure, in reverse
Just like a pustule on a cock
You're a visit to the clinic
Just like a worn out old age whore
You make me nothing, nothing more
Than a fucking cynic

Penis Poetry