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Long Poetry


Figaro, figaro, figaro, figaro

Legalise, Legalise, Legalise,
Don't just decriminalise.

Mr Marks was a very nice chap
A very nice chap indeed.
He devoted his life to smuggling hash
And that's all right by me.
He messed about with the DEA
N I thought that was great
But then one day they made him pay
The bastard U.S. - A.

It really is the final straw
When they can come a-
knocking at your door
For staying home
and smoking draw

'Why aren't you out on the streets, my son
picking fights and having fun?
I really think you're a deviant,
Send him down - our will be done!'
You snivelling little miscreant

I wonder if you knew the risk
The night you went to score
A teenth for yourself
A teenth for your mate
N'a quarter for the bloke
Next door
Half a bloody giro's worth
That was it there was no more
But still you felt
the strong-arm long-arm wrong-arm
of the law

'Evening all - what have we here?
Oh my lord, oh my dear!
The queen'll have something
to say about this
Take him away - no last wish!'

So you have to plead your case -

No harm was done
No war was started
No riot begun
It was just a bit
For me mates and me.

But the judge does not agree -

'We live in the land of the BBC
The royal family and our holy queen
We can't allow ourselves to be seen
Tolerating this type of 'scene'
If I had my way I'd have you shot
For spending your giro on a quarter of pot
You must have money, if you want to be free
Take him down - until he believes
In the law of the land, and their majesties -

It goes on and on and on and on
on and on and on
It goes on and on and on and on

There is some kind of
big fuck-up
Recorded in our
Great Law Books
If breathing made us all happy
They'd lock us up, n throw away the key
But instead it's for cannabis
that they'd like to see us swing

Legalise, Legalise, Legalise, Legalise!
Don't just decriminalise.

Long Poetry