Ant Smith


My friend Dick claims he's a godhead

My friend Dick claims he's a godhead

I think that he's about half right

Did Jesus have a tiny dick,

or was he actually well hung?

Is the bible the word of god or did he employ a ghost writer?

If only original sin is sinful,

is carbon copying then forgivable?

Bathing in such holy light,

is the pope the Antichrist?

Are all people mentally Ill and

the bible but their crazy pill?

Is nothing sacred, or can ideas be killed?

Why is it okay to love god,

but not to love to fuck him?

Is it gay to be in love with god,

Or is that a lesbian fetish?

Why is it worse to spit on Christ than upon a parasite?

How come the church is always on the take,

what do they do with the money that they make?

Surely, Jesus was a bastard and god an ethnic cleanser?