Ant Smith

This Life

Nature Nurtures

Imagine if you will for me, this pretty little scene

Bunny rabbits, puppy dogs, birds and trees and bees

Gambolling the day away, singing pretty songs

Four legs good and two legs wrong

So what if animals, can't understand rape

Tiny little puppies can suffer from The Rage?

So what if fluffy bunnies look funny when they're skinned

Don't you tell me, that animals never sin

So what if flowers are too fast to wither and to fade

And their water stinks as it pours down the drain

So what if pollen leaves a nasty little stain

Flowers are fucking whores, their stamens make it plain

So what if birdies eat of rotting morbid flesh

So what if they steal to make their fetid nests

So what if pigeons shit in the places that they roost

Hitchcock he was right, they're trained to fucking kill

It's natural to behave, like a fucking cunt

Your civilisation's just a fucking bluff

Greed and hate make up all my living days

Nature nurtures within me a great distaste

Four legs good and two legs wrong

Imagine all the pretty things a singing this song

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This Life