Ant Smith
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Neighbours From Hell

Evita and Peron
Next door neighbour, carry-on
Helmut Kohl
Mr Mitterand
Next door neighbour, carry-on

And the price of good-living is soaring sky-high
For the cost of a coffee, is the loss of a life
Commuters commuting complain of the strain
And multiple-shootings are in vogue again
Another millennium, let us play the game!
The pursuit of the trivial, the search in vain

Who wants to be a millionaire ?

Hijack, car-crash, or even train-smash
Scrapyards on Everest, got to get a specialist - view

Over in America, with pistols cocked
Even the Senate do look a bit shocked
With Mr Clinton’s trousers down
And Ms Lewinsky polishing the crown
Of Federal overseas affairs
Giving some head-line to the press

Let’s have little war and get us some respect!

We-ell! R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
I’ve been shagged by democracy
Now the alley needs the alley-cat
The river needs the sea
The sewer needs the sewer-rat
Just like you need me…
Just like you need me…

Six hundred Lords now, joining the dole
I wonder how far their, giros will go
And all I want for christmas, is Margret Thatcher’s head
Never to forgive and never to forget.
But somebody, somewhere is somebody’s dream
Of somebody playing at someone’s regime