Ant Smith
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One Good Apple

Benny was a bent copper
Ironically enforcing laws
But when he went home at nights
He was bullied by his wife

Georgie was a great guru
Teaching was his life
But he taught those girls too well
How to multiply

Jonny was a journalist
Writing for by lines
Reporting on carrots like cocks
For his Pulitzer prize

Penny was a politician
Selling out for votes
But no one would fill her box
'cos she's another joke

Donny was a doctorate
Saving OAPs
From wondering who should be
Their beneficiaries

Peter was a perfect preacher
Fiddling with his flock
Touching them with the hands
That have touched his god

Coppers, teachers
Doctors, preachers
Journalists and politics
There's one good apple
Spoiling barrels
In any life we pick
Except of course
For rock n roll
And maybe poetics