Ant Smith
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Original Sin

There is no word, the opposite to sin
I guess then it's rare, to do the right thing
But then again maybe, maybe perhaps
It's a sense of forgiving society lacks
Try as you might with your virtuous acts
Angels and devils will hound you in packs
For if original sin is never paid back
You never can then, escape from the trap

So enjoy those wet things, stand proud and erect
Take heart when you find you're sinking in debt
Take a day off from work when you wake feeling wrecked
Let the celibate frugal be fooled unto death
Do just enough to get by in their world
Don't buy into futures that no one has earned
Don't beat yourself up with their shitty stick
Vice is the key to unlocking their trick

There is no word, the opposite to sin
It's inescapable then, if you buy in.