Ant Smith

This Life


(a horrible little Christmas poem)

I guess without pornography

I'd have never stopped to think

What is the nature of my own

Individualistic kink?

I never may have learned

That girls can gush and squirt

From a gentle fingering

Or a fist working in

Or that balls recover from

Stilletto heel tramplings

Or that they can be drained

By hollow needle piercings

I guess without pornography

Abundant on the Internet

I wouldn't be scared of folk

That In chat rooms I have met

Girls who like to punish guys

For being undersized

Or girls with tiny fannies

Compared to their big eyes

Or seen the HIV afflicted

Looking for the STD addicted

Eunuchs who it turns out

Did what they predicted

The pony love and doggy club

The beasts that I have mixed with

I guess without pornography

I may have thought I were a sleaze

But the swell of my humanity

Is nothing next to some of these

People crying out for

Torture and abuse

Reading all about the

Lucky few who saw it through

The doms and subs

The bears and cubs

The ones who think only of

something that they call snuff

I guess without pornography

I wouldn't know at least

That my little fetish

Isn't so extreme

For all I want for Christmas is

A blow job in the street

But don't tell me it's better to

Give than to receive

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