Ant Smith
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Love Poetry

Reason For Being

There is a beauty in the pain of a parting
in leaving behind and arriving alone

There is a joy to be freed in forgetting
all fond memories of recent milestones

There is a love to be felt in forsaking
rituals of space and the habits of home

There is a peace relayed in rejecting
familiar lands and all that is known

Yet the ties that bind will not weaken
I tell myself, in a moment of hope

For no room unswept will avoid decay
No field untended will tender hay
No voice unbroken will have its say
No dog on leash will have its day
Except we two who yet may

No two suns rise in the same day
No two winds blow in quite the same way
No two birds sing quite the same song
No two things together, forever belong
Except we two, who may yet be one

No kingdom survives with never a regret
No jungle is alive with never a death
No answer is derived with never a quest
But nothing is destroyed, nevertheless

For the more things change the more they stay the same
And the more that leaves, the more that still remains

The beauty in a parting is meeting anew
The joy in forgetting is remembering you
The love in forsaking is learning afresh
The peace in rejecting is retaining the best

And for all that I try
And for all that I do
My reason for being
Is defined by you.

Love Poetry