Ant Smith
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Seven (a Poem In Eight Parts)

Part 1 - Anatomy of a soul

Sloth, is in the restless foot
And lust, is in the groin
Gluttony, in the bursting gut
And pride, in a heart conjoined
Envy, is in the bluest eyes
And wrath, is in the hands
Greed, is in the very whole
The whole of every man

When on the slab
They lay me out
Perhaps you'll understand
I'm less a ruined
Corrupted man
Than just a sorry
Kind of life
And I've been touched
By god's own hand
An unintelligent
And who says god
Does not play dice
When he himself has lied?

To be human is to feel
To be human is to think
To be human is too real
To be human is to sin