Ant Smith
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I believe Manhandleson is doing it again
I believe in truth and lies, I don’t believe in spin
I believe Jack Straw is still in the race
At one hundred and 3 m.p.h.
I believe a journalist, spiked Blair’s kid
I believe we could have done better than this

Sinister, Minister - sit yourself down
Tell me what is this, I hear around town
All these shenanigans, what is going on?
I wish that you would, get the job done

Out in the countryside, the hounds still howl
I’d have thought you would have banned it by now
I believe the Greeks hated doddi-al-fayed
I believe the Prince will have paid for the hit
I believe Dianna died, for the greater good
Not so much a model mum, more a modern slut

Sinister, Minister - sit yourself down
Tell me is it true that, God is on a down
All these rituals, something must be wrong
I’d have thought that you would have answered by now

Goodbye Dando, Farewell Gill
Fame and fortune knows how to thrill
Hello Leo, what to do?
Another politician is born in you