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Something Beautiful

Something beautiful this way comes
What the fuck? Did it miss the bus?
Nothing like that, like that good
Crawls about, with the likes of us
What the, what the, what the fuck?

Something beautiful smiles and looks
Something fill us, fills us up
Is a chance, a chance enough?
For the likes, the likes of us?
What the, what the, what the fuck?

Something beautiful, misunderstood
Lip smacking, thirst quenching
Knee trembling, finger flicking
Oral fix, fixation fixing
Delicate bruising, between us
What the, what the, what the, what the
Fucking fuckers fucking fucked
What the fucking, fucking fuck?

Something beautiful, slips to lust
Kink is almost just too good
Give me something to fill me up
Please don't be that silent type
I need to hear your moans tonight
Interpret moaning as delight
Delightful sight!
There's something somewhere
Somewhere something, feels alright
It must be maybe, maybe must be

She walked in beauty like the night
Can you believe we had such luck?
Where's your hat and coat my dear
Something beautiful turns to dust
Hey you know it has to, it's a bust
What the fucking fucking fuck?

Was beauty earned, bequeathed or won
Bought or sold or shaped or dumped
Fashioned, branded, filled or sanded
Tortured, bolted, patched or sorted?

What the What the What the What the
What the, what the, what the fuck?

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