Ant Smith



I lack the wit

To be stupid

I can't pretend

That I am dense

I wish I were

A dim bonehead

Life is easy

When you're brain dead

Need a book to boil an egg

But think that books are dangerous

Working hard is for the plebs

It's my right to be famous

I got my anal boils on TV

I am special look at me

Teacher said I'd come to nought

But what's the use of all your thought?

Geography's a mystery

Algebra is just all Greek

Evolution is too hard to spell

The gays are all condemned to hell

Benefits are given to cheats

There's no need for equality

That the world is round is make believe

And the migrants will steal your teeth

Stupid is as stupid does

Stupid people surround us

Justify their bigotry

By claiming to be feeble weak

Deny responsibility

For the evil that they speak

Stupid people are too smart

To be the ones that stand apart