Ant Smith
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Love Poetry


The human animal
Has that terrible touch
That awful ability
To love too much
For love is just a toleration
In the face of, degradation

I see your blood turn to wine
I see your hands, reach out for mine
I see your life, in your eyes
I see a slight surprise

Sex drive
Cadillac man
Got to try to get it
To get it
while you can

I see you moan for your first touch
I see you express so dam much
I see your motions turn to lust
I see your body turn to dust

I see you see I see your fright
I see your momma turn on the light
I see your early learning rise
I see the cause of my demise

Sex crime
Cadillac man
Trying hard to
Make it with,
Anyone he can

I see the stamp of taboo
Tattooed on little bits of you

Love Poetry