Ant Smith

This Life

T'Is Hallowe'en

It's Hallowe'en

It's Hallowe'en

The dead are rising

The children scream

They beg to play at

Trick or treat

Knocking doors

All down the street

It's Uncle Buck's

Special dream

As he fondles

Candy sweets

With Jack o'lanterns

Carved so neat

And a broomstick clenched

Between his knees

It's Hallowe'en

It's Hallowe'en

With witches flying

And demons crying

And black bats

A multiplying

God's good grace

The ghosts defying

This night's no fun

It's terrifying

The pixies stealing

Good girls and boys

All is horror

There are no joys

Mom and dad

Will be destroyed

It's Hallowe'en

It's Hallowe'en

Grow up fast

Or be deceased

This night for you

Will forever last

All good things

Already past

Say goodbye to

All your dreams

Forever now

T'is Hallowe'en

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