Ant Smith
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Love Poetry


Too many moments passing me by
Too many missed chances
Too many lost glances
Too many hopes that I’m afraid might die
Too many meetings we never made
Too many near misses
Too many just good wishes
Too many people sharing our day
Too many nights spent away from home
Too many others
Not enough of us
Feels like my body’s turning to stone.

I want you to hear this
before it is too late
I want to say this
before I go away
But now I’m travelling
Oh yes
I’m just travelling
Oh yes
I am travelling
There and back again.

Not enough moments shared by us
Not enough minutes
Not enough seconds
Not enough time to share my love
Not enough music recorded and released
Not enough daylight
Not enough moonlight
Not enough love on this earth conceived
Not enough days of global peace
Not enough dream time
Left in my lifetime
To make my feelings feel complete

If you need me in times
of emergency
If you need me and I
Can not be reached
You’ll know I’m travelling
Oh yes
I’ll just be travelling
Oh yes
I’ll be travelling
Back to you again.
All my time I freely give to you

Love Poetry