Ant Smith
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Weird World

Take another slug o poison
From a coffee cup
Take another coffin nail
And light the fucker up
Take another peep inside
Another dirty book- take another look

Take another liberty
With people that I knew
Take another likely hood
Anyone will do
Take another universe
Or send me back to school
Im just another refugee
From the human zoo

Take another broken dream
Another tube of glue
Im all bust up, All bust up
I dont know what to do
Take me out on to the streets
And let me roam around
Let me see it, for myself
Let me hear the sound
Let me taste the scent of hell
Send me underground
Let me have a chance to die
Inside a football ground
Roll me on to a roll over
Ferrys that going down

Take another press cutting
From any random week
Read about a mercy killing
Or watch it on TV
Or see it live, on satellite
The bastards bought the bleeding rights
Princess Die! - Were due a death
To make the week complete

And Finally
Its all bad news, whos killing who
The Wests were not the freaks
Theyre ten-a-penny
They could be free
They could be presenters on the BBC
They could be you, they could be me

Take another look upon
The people that youre with
Do you think, that they are thinking
That you think, that they are strange?
Do you think, that they are thinking
That you think, theyre not the same?
Do you think, that they are thinking
That you think?
Do you think that theyre to blame
For this weird world?