Ant Smith
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When Stockton wins the lottery
Hooray Hooray
Well have another building for free
Hooray Hooray
All the men will work, for a week or two
And then you know
what theyre gonna do
Theyll be pissing on the
Likes of me and you
When the lottery comes to town.

Theyll get the royals to open it up
Hooray Hooray
And we should not believe our luck
Hooray Hooray
Well have our own monstrosity
On the corner of
Prince Regents street
Itll gleam, n itll sheen
n itll be real neat
When the lottery comes to town.

The queen will make a speech to us
Hooray, hooray
Her loyal subjects under foot
Hooray, Hooray
My husband and I couldnt give a fuck
About your lives,
n how its tough
Your far too dirty n covered up in muck
You dont speak my language, do you dears, you sound too rough
These doors, all shiny, will be staying firmly shut
For whats inside is far too good
For people with your kind of luck
And by royal decree, this shrine is reserved for we
When the lottery comes to town.

They act as if its understood
Hooray, Hooray
They can twist and turn our neighbourhood
Hooray, Hooray
It may not seem like very much
But we call it home
N we love it as such
So stop tearing all our favourite buildings down
Dont let the lottery fuck with your town.