Ant Smith

The Black Light Engine Room


It's so cold, it feels like it's, snowing all around

And there you are a drifting through your battle lines

First you lose all track, of the sense of any time

Then temporarily, you, find that you are blind

There's something crystalline in the corner of your eye

These melted hail pellets deprive you of the sight

Nobody should be forced, to, watch their world die

Relentlessly the winter will bury all in ice

Promises shatter faster than cold brain matter

Under the pressure of isothermic hammers

For nothing withstands the, creeping freeze of this land

Not even the man, that has, his heart in his hands

The desolation spreads to the visible edge

Desolation running in the veins of your legs

Nowhere left to run to when everything is dead

Hope springs eternal that one day you can forget

Winter's soothing dark embrace

Winter's ruling end of days

Winter answers he who prays

Please make the feelings, go away

This winter cools down the cruelest of pains

Until it is time to live it once again

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The Black Light Engine Room