Ant Smith
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You have been invited

It used to be so easy to visit Coventry
All you really had to do was simply not to speak
But now it's so much trouble for you to ignore me
On Twitter and on Flicker and even by moby
By blog post, and by e-mail, and by Face Bukake
It's okay I get the message that you don't send to me
There's half a dozen ways to avoid the face to face
I wonder why the hell I'm simply not erased?

Thankfully you don't poke me
Or play those social games
As for tagging that's a mad thing
You won't click upon my face
But I've noticed something weird
Something sometimes that you do
I will get an invitation
Out of the bastard blue -

An opportunity to pay
To come and see you play
That's the measure of a friend
Inside of cyber space