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My Photo Shop


A range of qood quality products (Cards, Posters, Tshirts, mugs etc..) with my photography adorning them, including: Tube Stations, Body Parts and Unspirational Posters

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The FINLAND Calendar

The 2019 Calendar

First selection of images from our 2018 visit to Finland and the Artic Circle, arranged as a calendar for month on month joy!

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The Small Penis Bible

Brought to you by Cockahoop

"...This book offers real advice about how to move forward from the self-loathing and misery having a small penis can cause, so one can be at peace about it and live life fully, in the present. Thank you Ant Smith!"

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The Penis Poems

There's a whole bunch of eBooks for under £1, a great way to support my site!

This is a collection of poems about the male member - I'm sure there's something for everyone, from toxic masculinity to penis size anxiety.

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Joy, Fear & Fuck It

The GameCat: Hits!

This is my first commercial collection supporting the Second Chance initiative. It includes the major works from my stage performance canon.
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Dark Matter 9

Chapbook Collaboration

Dark Matter is a series of chapbooks from The Black Light Engine Room. Volume 9 features the work of Ant Smith. Feel free to e-mail to buy a copy, or enjoy on this site.

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