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Project 269

The Tube Project

Project 269 is a complete photographic record of the London Underground as of 2015. It was 2 years in the making and gives us all the chance to appreciate the network in a way that the busy daily commute just doesn't allow.

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Weird Scenes EP

The first EP from The GameCat recorded at live venues and studios around London through 2010 and 2011.

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Designing a curio cabinet

    This project looks at designing a woodwork project and explored:

  • Having and forming ideas

  • 3D modelling of conceptual designs

  • 3D modelling for construction

Where do ideas come from? To be honest, it hardly matters, except to say they're not so much invented as discovered. There's really no such thing as “genius” – some exclusive band of people churning out ideas for society; most genius types I've met have really been little more than over possessive knowledge-thiefs. No, ideas are just there, hanging about waiting to be discovered through the act of discourse; simply by interacting with our world and with others in it. There's quite a nice little article on this over on We can all of us have ideas, and if we trust and challenge them we can turn them into fact.

My woodworking articles are all about this belief that any of us can do anything any other human can do given the will, tenacity and rightful approach. I just don't believe that we're limited by birth – death is the limiting thing in our lives, not birth! I guess that learning to 'do woodwork', at my age, has somewhat moved me... BUT OF COURSE, it's way more complex than this given society's oppressive forces; what I mean is there's far too many external barriers already in place to allow our own internal barriers any place in our lives. Perhaps I'll write more on this, but not here.

So for this project I wanted to start from absolute zero and share the whole journey from idea to finished object. Therefore, this article journals the process I went through to design a curio cabinet. I'll follow-up later, once I've actually built it.

Step 0: 'Having' the Idea

I keep lists, oh so very many lists, of things I could do; in case I ever find I'm not doing anything. Trouble is, a lot of things on the lists are on a list because at the time they came to me I wanted to do other things. Which means they're less than perfect ideas because they…

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