Ant Smith
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Bloody soaking to the skin

Walking bloody home

Bloody eyes are soaking wet

and so’s my bloody bones.

Bloody rain is pouring down

Upon my bloody head

Bloody friends are all tucked up

inside their bloody beds.

Bloody trees are overgrown

and crowd this bloody place

Bloody leaves of slippery brown

sticking to my face.

Bloody lovely bloody flowers

line the bloody street

Bloody kick their bloody heads off

with my bloody feet

Bloody nearly

Bloody home

Bloody lost my key

Bloody great

Bloody hell

Bloody fucking neat

Bloody break a

Bloody pane of

Bloody frosted glass

Bloody door

Bloody not

Bloody even locked

I’ve seen it rain cats and dogs

I’ve seen it pour down fire

I’ve seen a storm of toads and frogs

I’ve stood in a meteor shower.

I’ve seen it hail

I’ve seen it sleet

I’ve seen it bloody snow.

I bloody think

I’ve bloody met

A hundred million thousand billion

Bloody drops of rain.

Every bloody single one

Slicing me with pain

Every bloody single one

Exploding in my brain

Every bloody single one

Every bloody day

Every bloody single one

Hit me, hit me, hit me

Again, and again, and again....

I’m getting bloody wet!