Ant Smith
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Customer Service

Can I help you with that?

I don't know, can you?

Well, I could. Do you need some help with that?

Some help would be good

Don't get me wrong, I'd really rather not

Then don't

But if you need it

I don't need nothing

Yeah, but if you want help

I said

Yeah I know, you said

I said some help would be good

So can I help you with that?

If you'd like

I wouldn't like

Then don't

But I wouldn't like not to more than I wouldn't like to if you need -


- want some help

Yeah, I do want some help, but not if you don't want to

I do want to, if you want me to

I don't want you to

Why not me?

Because you don't want to

No, but I want you to have some help if you want some help

I do want some help but not if you don't want to help

I said

Yes I know, you said you didn't want to

Not if you didn't want it, but if you need it

I said I don't need nothing from you

You said a lot of things

We both said a lot of things

We did.

I wish I didn't need any help

I wish you didn't want any

I wish you wouldn't

I wish you would

I wish you weren't here

I wish you weren't there

That's all our wishes used up

That's us used up

But we were already were

Then I suppose we're stuck

Well I am

Well we are

If you wanted it

If I didn't need it so damn much

But you do, but you don't want it

No I don't but yes, I do

Then let me

It isn't so easy

You're not so easy

That's why I need some help with this

All you gotta do is ask

All you gotta do is offer

I did offer

Yeah, you did. Bastard.

Yeah I did. Fucker.