Ant Smith
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Stranger perspectives across a coffee house

(a vignette of ages)

I close my eyes but for a moment, I am tired now and need to sleep.

I see his head droop and his eyes close for it is clear now that he needs to sleep.

The years weigh heavy on my shoulders and my eyes now tend to weep.

Although slumped as though broken backed, his moistened eyes still brightly flash.

My finger tips smooth wrinkles out upon my furrowed brow

His facial exploration creeps as though seeking something out

But something seeps into my bones forcing marrow out

There's a facial tick as though, as if, life still squirms about

Life has filled me to the brim, and nothing, nothing, nothing more can ever be packed in

But for all his wrinkled aged skin he radiates a simple grin

Laughter used to free me but now I feel a chill

This old man must has the answers for his tongue is never still

And I am not so much complete, as completely through

I hope one day to meet myself as thoroughly fulfilled

I can't believe I've found myself at the end so damned confused

A life well lived so beautiful, I hope one day I could be you

I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish, I wish for my lost youth