Wedding 19.09.09

The Castle


Food and Drink


Check List

Other Stuff

By End of July
Please confirm if you're coming and if you will be joining us in the castle for the full weekend or are planning to stay elsewhere. If staying in the castle please send a cheque for 40 payable to Christine Adams

By August 23rd
Please let us know your meal options for the wedding breakfast and any other meals you want to order.

By September 9th
If you're ordering food for Friday night or Saturday or Sunday breakfasts please send a cheque, again payable to Christine, for the appropriate amount

On September 19th
This is the actual day, so you really should be there by then :^D

Remember this is a bring-your-own wedding... you can pre-order from The Black Isle Brewery who will deliver to the castle otherwise you'll need to brings lots and lots of booze with you. At least there's no over priced bar to contend with. There's a Morrisons supermarket off the A9 near the castle.