Wedding 19.09.09

The Castle


Food and Drink


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Other Stuff

The Wedding Breakfast and Evening Buffet

The wedding breakfast and the evening buffet will be vegetarian. The options are listed below and we need to know your choices by August 23rd so we can finalise arrangements with the caterers.


Soup (vegetarian)


Filo basket of local Vegetarian Haggis drizzled with a light Malt Whiskey Cream



Vegetarian Wellington


Stuffed Peppers

(both with seasonal vegetables)



Raspberry Cranachan


Orkney Fudge Cheesecake



Sarnies, Quiches, Crolines, Vol-au-vents, Bhajis and wraps


Friday Dinner and Saturday / Sunday Breakfasts

Meals for carnivores can be bought at the castle on Friday evening and Saturday and Sunday mornings. The options are listed below and we need to know your choices by August 23rd so we can finalise arrangements with the castle. Payment for extra meals will be needed by 9th September and cheques need to be payable to Christine Adams

Friday Dinner - 3 courses £9.95



Homemade soup of the day with roll and butter


Mixed Salad bowl with fresh balsamic dressing



Slow cooked beef in red wine sauce, rosemary and thyme seasoned mushrooms, roast potatoes, vegetable medley, Yorkshire pudding


White field mushrooms with cous cous, fine diced peppers, walnuts and gruyere cheese baked in the oven. Optional sweet balsamic topping


Tender pieces of chicken in an aromatic coconut curry, served with basmati rice and a slice of lemon



Bread and butter pudding. Traditional desert, layers of buttered bread baked in a fresh vanilla and egg set custard served with cream


Fresh fruit salad with cream or yoghurt


Saturday / Sunday Breakfast

Continental, £3.50

Cooked Breakfast, £4.95

If you are still worried about malnutrition, you are welcome to bring your own Scotch eggs, pork pies and suckling pigs, the castle has ample self-catering facilities.


Carbisdale Castle doesnít have a license to sell alcohol so itís bring your own! We will try to ensure that glasses are kept filled but any additional contributions will be given a good home.

There's a local brewery The Black Isle Brewery who will be delivering some kegs to the castle. If you want to club in with others to buy your beer by the keg order with the brewery and tell them it's for our wedding and you'd like the keg to be delivered along with our order. That'll save carting beer around the country and their prices are very reasonable, about £95/keg.