Wedding 19.09.09

The Castle


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Contacting us

Address: 60 Lillechurch Road, Becontree, Essex, RM8 2DZ 

Dress code

There isnít one although some form of clothing would be nice.


Itís music all the way so if you play an instrument or want to plug an i-pod (or equivalent) into the p.a. then bring it along!


We're more interested in presence than presents. Also, because we're not exactly new at this relationship thing we find we have a lot of stuff that people might normally buy young newly weds. But we know that bringing a small gift is part of the tradition that binds the wedding congregation together - so if you want to, that would be lovely. Some ideas of gifts that would be really appreciated are

Hopefully there's a few ideas that might help if you're looking for inspiration, but we really feel just getting to Culrain is expense enough without presents on top - so please don't feel obligated by tradition. Bring yourselves, some good music, and plenty of chat.