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Ant Smith
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Love Poems

Slasher Poem

Like a flower ripped from a flower bed

What kind of gifts do lovers send,

Like a promise hissed when teeth are clenched

Her love for him would never end

Like a kiss laid on her tight pursed lips

She squirmed, she moaned, she asked for this

But still he will always hurt the one he loves

With iron fist in velvet glove

And now she is another ghost

Another love he won't let go

So another he takes to his married bed

For he loves the touch the taste of flesh

And when she says no, again he hears a yes

For he's the master of this nest

She screams and screams when he bares her breast

With his blades for fingertips

He tells her she should make a gentle wish

As he cuts and cuts and cuts and slits

And now she is another ghost

Another love he won't let go

An eternity's not long enough for him

He does not marry on a whim

He collects lying tongues and crying eyes

Always ready to sacrifice

He's had about a hundred different wives

He's loved their skin and their insides

He keeps alive that eternal flame of love

By killing flesh when it gives up

Be careful whom you do betroth

Lest you become another ghost

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Love Poems