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Ant Smith
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NaPoWriMo 2013

Take away

Take away these craggy lines

And this silver in my hair

Take away this saggy skin

And all these long acquired cares

Take away these aching knees

And this practical underwear

Take away this new disease

And my cold and lonely stare

Give me back my future

My springtime and my youth

Give me back my chances

To understand the truth

Give me back my reason

To embrace a night of dreams

Give me back my childhood

And wipe the old slate clean

Take away the stains I leave

When I take a pee

Take away the memories

Of maudlin misery

Take away all of the dysfunction

Of an old and frozen brain

Take away all the hated years

And make me young again

Take away the wasted years

Before I ever knew

Take away the flowing tears

Of a cold and lonely youth

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