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Ant Smith
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NSFW Weird Scenes EP

This collection contains mature content for adult minds

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Small Pet Garden Hutch: The Kixkat Club

This project was to build a small-pet hutch and explored:

  • how to compare material prices

  • optimising the use of stock material

  • dealing with irregularities in stock dimensions

  • Made-to-measure versus cut-to-spec working

Our eldest cat Kickass (sometimes Kicky, sometimes Kix – depending on how adorable he's being) does like to be out in all weathers; sometimes sheltering under the hedge in order to be on look-out, or else huddled under the neighbour's shed. Having just finished making a luxurious 8 cubic meter pleasure palace for the ferrets we thought that Kix should have a little shelter of his own. We could have bought something new (=mass produced and somewhat ugly) for around £40, but since I'm spending a year with wood I naturally decided to make something myself at around that budget. Here it is completed – it's too early to say if Kix will adopt it or else will be annoyed that this thing has suddenly appeared in his favourite corner of the garden:

Left side half profile view of the Kixkat ClubRead On



Three poems filmed by 4frontTV for their Manorlogz project. They don't seem to have been active now since 2013 - I hope they have saved their output somewhere as it would have been a great archive; this was a most excellent project.

Devotee was broadcast on Christmas day kind of like an alternative Christmas message.

Far Too Many was my very first performance poem, so I'm particularly pleased to have such a good video recording of it.

Plaything was apparently a little too risque for their tastes!

Manorlogz : Devotee Manorlogz

image illustrating Manorlogz