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Ant Smith
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Photographic Skill, The Book

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I guess a part of me feels like an upstart, writing a book on photography when I'm just some guy. But then it's been a kind of conscious decision to keep photography as a passion not a paymaster. And I have done so for some 40 years now, with modest success along the way. So this is an 'outsider' work, not from an industry giant with a proven record, but with a perspective that you wont find elsewhere. Photography for the love of it.

So I set out to create something for others 'on the outside' of academia and industry, but who have a passion for the art and craft of photography; whilst recognising that lack of knowledge doesn't equal lack of sense.

Much can be freely discovered these days on the internet - but there are two big drawbacks that I wanted to address. Firstly, the internet is awash with confusion and misinformation around all the key concerns - people with only half an understanding of the issues offering well intentioned but fundamentally bad advice. Secondly, whilst great to answer very specific 'how do I do this' type questons, the internet is really poor at providing an holistic overview - you already need to know the things you don't know in order to ask for answers.

So this book is meant as the perfect complement to the other resouces available. It isn't a 'photoshop™ how to guide', but rather a walkthrough of everything you need to know about to master the craft. A means to ensure there are no 'unknown unknowns'. What are all of the techniques and tools available, and why and when might you want to use them. It's left up to you to work how how to apply them with your kit and your software (things that constantly change), but with reliable and unambiguous advice every step of the way.

This book will help you chart a path from idea to image through 6 key concerns:

  • Composition

  • Exposure

  • Lighting

  • Optics

  • Sensors

  • Post processing

Each is presented in a series of 'key lessons' (99 in total) which will start you on your '10,000 hours journey to mastery'

Sample Pages

Quotes and Reviews

The Images

The most consistent feedback I have had is that, on occassion, the images in the book are too small. This is partly a constraint of the design I've adopted - but also it means the page count (and thus cost) of the book is kept lower.

SO here is a set of galleries conatining just about every photograph that appears in the book, viewable at full size on an HD monitor.

I've left a very small number of images out - either becaue they are somewhat horrific or else somewhat erotic. I've done this because websites are so very open to a broad audience, and I don't want to suprise anybody who hsn't seen the book. Feel free to message me if you do happen to want to see higher resolution versions of any images I have not included...

I've grouped the images to keep each gallery more mangeable in terms of finding a specific image:

Composition (00 05)C01 01C01 02C01 03C01 04C01 05C01 06C01 07C01 08C01 09C02 01C02 02C02 03C02 04C02 05C02 06C03 01C03 02C03 03C03 04C03 05C03 06C03 07C03 08C03 09C04 01C04 02C04 03C04 04C05 01Composition (06 11)C06 01C06 02C06 03C06 04C06 05C06 06C07 01C07 02C07 03C07 04C08 01C08 02C08 03C08 04C08 05C08 06C08 07C08 08C09 01C09 02C09 03C09 04C09 05C09 06C09 07C10 01C11 01C11 02C11 03C11 05C11 06C11 07Composition (12 15)C12 01C12 02C13 01C13 02C13 03C13 04C13 05C13 06C13 07C13 08C13 09C14 01C14 02C14 03C14 04C14 05C14 06C14 07C14 08C14 09C15 01C15 02C15 03C15 04C15 05C15 06C15 07C15 08C15 09Composition (16 18)C16 01C16 02C16 03C16 04C16 05C16 06C17 01C17 02C17 03C17 04C17 05C17 06C17 07C17 08C18 01ExposureE00 01E00 02E00 03E00 04E00 05E00 06E00 07E00 08E00 09E00 10E02 02E03 01E03 02E03 03E03 04E03 05E03 06E03 07E06 07E07 01E08 01E09 01LightL00 01L00 02L00 03L01 01L01 02L01 03L01 04L02 01L02 02L02 03L02 06L03 01L03 02L04 01L04 02L04 03L04 04L04 05L04 06L04 07L04 08L04 09L05 01L07 01L07 02L08 01L08 02L11 01L13 01L13 02L13 03L13 04L13 05OpticsO00 01O00 02O00 03O03 01O05 01O05 02O05 03O06 01O07 01O08 01O08 02O08 03O09 01O09 02O11 01Processing (00 16)P03 01P03 04P03 05P03 06P03 07P03 08P04 01P04 04P04 05P05 01P05 02P06 01P06 02P06 03P06 04P06 05P07 01P07 02P08 01P08 02P08 03P10 01P10 02P10 03P11 01P11 02P12 01P12 02P12 03P13 01P13 03P15 01P15 02P16 01P16 02Processing (17 28)P17 01P17 02P18 01P18 02P19 01P19 02P19 03P19 04P19 05P19 06P19 07P19 08P20 01P20 02P20 03P20 04P20 05P21 01P21 02P21 03P21 04P22 01P22 02P22 03P22 04P23 01P23 02P23 03P23 04P23 05P23 06P24 01P24 02P24 03P25 01P25 02P25 04P26 01P27 01SensorS02 01S04 01S05 01S06 01S06 02S12 01S13 01S13 02

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