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Ant Smith
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Sound Scapes

  • Oramical
  • Let Me In


A soundscape made from Daphne Oram (radiophonic workshop) stubbs

I used the soundscape as the soundtrack for my slideshow of photographs from the Horniman museum.

Let Me In

A soundscape I made prompted by Philip Raymond Goodman's call to action:

"One of the many extraordinary things i found in the treasure chest that the illustrious and dearly departed Tina Hibbins called a flat was these two sound effects cd's, a manner of thing which i have always found slightly inexplicable, but i have decided that a use must be found for them and that you all of her friends and aquaintances and just anyone interested will help with it, if you are in, then i will choose you a number at random and send you the track corresponding to it and you will then create a piece of music or sound work around it, you can edit it, morph it, scratch it vandelise it warp it tork it change the shape of it, anything you see fit, be experimental, be mainstream, be whatever you think best, tina could make noise with the best (and worst) of them but she could also do balads, and and and whatever else took her fancy so you can too, all the best, lets enjoy this one in her honour, be hedonistic you miscreants!"

Thank you for including me Philip

And thank you Tina...