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Ant Smith
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The Gang of Four

Sunday 3rd July 2016 7:45pm

infographic concerning 'greatness' in political endeavour

Politics transcends the party system of our so called democracy. It exists as a part of the Gang of 4 - the human endeavours that seek to assure our place in a large and scary universe: The Arts, The Sciences, Religion and Politics - the humours of society, concerned with the whole first and the individual second.

And as producers or consumers, we each do play our part. We are all of us therefore political creatures. By definition, to be a part of society is to act politically. For a political act is anything done against the grain - any unnatural act an individual does to serve some abstract (none immediate, none personal) goal that impacts others rather than self. This makes concepts of good vs evil, right vs wrong immaterial in a political sense. It is simply the domain where we assure the survival of the species. This is why politics feels cold and abstract.

The key here is the altruistic nature of politics. The ability to act against the grain to achieve a greater goal.

Thus we can see that the likes of Ghandi and Mandela are great politicians.

But when your behaviours, your attempts at social engineering are aimed more at serving the self than society, then you're not behaving like these great statesmen - serving king and country beyond yourself - you're just being a cunt.

Institutionalising greed to normalise your own abhorrent behaviours does not make you a great political leader. It makes you an invader. An enemy.