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Ant Smith
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ToryGami Number 1 - Mr. Fox

ToryGami is a form of peaceful protest that I started in May 2015, when the latest conservative government was threatening to repeal the fox ban. Based on origami it provides a 'zenful' outlet for the practitioner, and like all origami models, a moment of joy for the audience.

ToryGami started with Mr. Fox. Small Origami Fox models were made bearing the legend First They Came For The Foxes. These were made and left at random around pubs and cafes, on buses and trains, for others to find...

This was a popular idea that others wanted to join in with too, so I made a template for the model:

template to print at A4 to make 12 Mr Fox models

Save and print this image. Each A4 printout allows you to create 12 Mr Foxes. The video on this page will show you how to fold the model.

If you do make some and leave them out and about to be found, why not send me a photo of Mr Fox out there in the wild (see the Contact Ant box at the bottom of this page). One day I might make an album of Mr Fox photos.

(Oh, and drop me a line if you'd like the Budgies Against Budget Cuts model too)