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Ant Smith
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The idea for my Sprung collection arose through practice - I was shooting I'm Late simply because it was a highly dynamic, yet clearly dead (or dying) flower; in fact it arressted my attention as I passed it on the roadside. I imagined its entire life in a single moment, this moment, and I thought to myself "Well now, spring really has sprung".

And that simple idea, that spring comes and goes, stuck with me. It seems to me that spring is always treated as a begining, herald of new life - and we tend not to think about the death of that life until perhaps winter rolls around. But the begining is the end - the two are inseperable. With life comes death.

But actually, that was all much more sombre than my intent.

For what really struck me about I'm Late was just how compelling, and beautiful, the bloom was even in its wilting condition - and this became the visual trope for the collection; how to reveal the beauty of decay.

The result is a set of images that clearly sit between life and death but which, more importantly, sit between public identity and 'self'; the face we present versus our very essence. Through these images I can explore that basic contradiction of the human condition: how we feel versus how we appear.

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