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Ant Smith
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Christmas Miracle

He was a Christmas miracle

I'll ask you to believe

Brought to earth by Santa one

Ancient Christmas eve

He was a Christmas miracle

An urchin from the streets

A better man I doubt you can

Have ever hoped to meet

He was a Christmas miracle

Three quarters bah humbug

But at the stroke of midnight we'd

Open presents up

He was a Christmas miracle

I think he understood

That the moment matters more than

Accounts of bad and good

He IS a Christmas miracle

From beyond the grave

Like a drop of Sunlight, my

Dear old father Ray

A selection of works by and of Ray Smith

First off here's transciptions of hand-written works that were left behind with us. Incomplete works that most of the world will miss out on - but luckilly you can now read them:

By Ray Smith (1940-2001)

And here's a selection of works from his off-spring, over and above the above poem:

By His Children