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Ant Smith
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The Black Light Engine Room

The Black Light Engine Room publishes magazines and chapbooks out of Middlesbrough in the North East of the UK. It is a thriving collection of poets marshalled by editor-in-chief p.a. morbid who also organises and hosts regular poetry readings - in short he has helped create a community of voices for the North East of England which I am proud to have been a part of.

BLER has published a number of my page works (including poetry, stories and sketches) which are wholly different to the more rambunctious performances that I have been delighting London with these past years, and so I owe BLER a debt of gratitude for enabling me to express the quieter whisperings of my mind. If you have only seen me perform, please do take a look through this little collection of works published by The Black Light Engine room.

BLER magazine published the following works:

Issue 5: London Knives

Issue 6: The 11th Minute of the 11th Hour, Nothing Says I Love You

Issue 7: End of days, Let The Shadow Grow

Issue 8: Funeral

Issue 9: Front and Back cover artwork

Issue 10: St. George's Day 2014, May Day 2014

And also half a chp book (with Kirsten Lukins) containing:

Night Terror



If I could bleed the blue from out of the sky

Surviving or Thriving



The Disappeared

cover image from the collection

The Black Light Engine Room