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Ant Smith
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The Black Light Engine Room


Where have all my excuses gone?

I used to have a plastic bagful

I would use them one by one

I used to find that they were useful

Where have all my reasons gone?

I used to keep them in a cupboard

I would stick little labels on

Until I felt recovered.

Where has all my logic gone?

I used to swig it by the bottle

I would feel a little drunk

It used to make me dance a wobble

Where has all my belief gone?

I used to have some of it somewhere

And it was so gigantic that

My friends could not compare

Now I'm left with empty bags

Broken cups and bottles too

Something has diminished me

And I don't know what to do

Where have all my years gone

I used to hang them up on trees

They looked so very beautiful

Swaying in the breeze

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The Black Light Engine Room